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Our Top 3 Halloween Magic Tricks!

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

With Halloween just around the corner, now is the time to think about what magic you can perform at your next gig or party. We have taken the liberty to list a few of our favourites.

Struggling to find the perfect spooky magic trick for your Halloween party or gig?

Want something easy to do and carry?

Something that will make your audience GASP!

These are our top THREE magical effects that can performed at ANY TIME of the year, however, Halloween does have that additional impact.

No. 1 - Out To Lunch with the Haunted Hank

If you are familiar with the Out To Lunch principle, then you could write the word YES or someone's name on a business card prior to performance.

Then do the standard Out To Lunch presentation, in that the spectator signs the bottom part of the business card. Then cover the business card and pencil/pen with a Haunted Hank, Glorpy or any other names it comes by.

This is just one of the many versions of the Haunted Hank

Ask the spectator to concentrate and ask if anyone is there? You then animate the Haunted Hank and reveal the writing on the card. It will either be a YES, or if you are trying to get a hold of a particular ghost, it will be that name.

If you didn't want to use the Out To Lunch principle, you could use some Spirit Slates, which may amplify the effect even more. Remember, the real magic is your presentation!

No. 2 - Voodoo Doll

This is a fantastic effect, if you are willing to endure a little pain. Voodoo Doll, also known as the Okito Doll is manufactured by many companies and you can pick them up relatively cheap. If you do purchase this effect, we STRONGLY recommend that you clean the gimmick thoroughly with alcohol or something similar before use.

No. 3 - Mystify by Vinny Sagoo

This is one of our very own effects and with a SPOOKY misty cover, why would you not add it to your repertoire? This is effectively a pocket sized book test, which you can carry with you anywhere. You could say that you love reading horror stories and in fact the last book you read was The Mist by Sahar Talina. You show them the book and say that you have a strange connection with the book, which you will demonstrate.


Ask the spectator to name any page they like and then you tell them to move a few lines down and remember the first word. Tell them to keep saying this word over and over again in their mind. You take a look at the spectator and name the word that they are just THINKING OF. This can be instantly repeated with the same, or another spectator, with a different word and a different line.

Another variation is that you could use a nail writer for the final reveal, maybe even add the haunted hank and Out To Lunch as described above.

A few things to note about Mystify:

  • Easy to do;

  • Fully Examinable;

  • Totally hands off;

  • Instantly repeatable;

  • Pocket Sized;

  • No Pumping for Info

This video will show you the actual size of our book test compared to others:

Whatever you do this Halloween, we hope you have a great time with plenty of Tricks and a few Treats.

All the best from the Neo Magic team!

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