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Where in the world?

Updated: May 29, 2019

A couple of months back I decided to order a few Tenyo tricks from Amazon. In case you didn't know, I'm a MASSIVE Tenyo fan.

It said shipping would ages, so I soon forgot about the order... well until yesterday that is, when I received a little red card saying that I've got a parcel to collect from the post office.

So, off I went to collect my parcel, having totally forgotten my Amazon order. I collected the parcel, which was covered in Japanese writing, symbols and a customs label.

I thought, wow, I wonder what this is? I opened the parcel and found it was my Tenyo effects that I ordered some months back. The whole package was expertly packed, which made me think about who packed it? What did they look like, do they have a family, what's their house like, what do they eat, do they love magic as much as I do??

What was a simple transaction and forgotten in few clicks, soon made me realise that we are losing that human connection. This small parcel was packaged and delivered from the other side of the world, passing through hundreds of hands, which made the journey seem even more amazing than the magic tricks within.

As such, whenever anyone buys something from my website, I send them a hand written note thanking them for their order and wishing them the best with the tricks.This small gesture, in my humble opinion, bridges some of that which is lost through a soulless transaction.

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