If you like strong magic and mentalism like Derren Brown and Dynamo, then you will love this trick, which has been sold at the BIGGEST magic convention in the world for several times the price! 


What is it??? Well, this amazing and easy effect will allow you to read a spectator's mind and tell them the serial numbers on their English £20 note. This only works with English £20 notes and Euros, so please take heed before you purchase. 


A few things to consider:


- They use their OWN note;
- Every single £20 note is DIFFERENT;
- You NEVER touch their note;
- You turn AWAY;
- NOTHING to examine;
- No PROMPTING for information;
- Involves no SETUP;
- There are no GIMMICKS involved;
- Can be done SURROUNDED;
- Instantly REPEATABLE;
- Completely IMPROMPTU
Also included are two additional routines for C0D3X (Throw Away and Lucky Card).


Please note that this is in booklet PDF form, which will be emailed to you. 


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