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By Chace and Killer Poker, get 3 Coin Monte for FREE!


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CHase the ACE, the world's oldest gambling routine with several twists and turns!


You show four blue backed cards, which are all blank on the face, except for the Ace of Spades. This is the card that you need to follow to play 'CHACE'.


You bury the Ace of Spades within the packet of cards and with a click of your fingers, you make it completely disappear, only for it to reappear with another magical click. You show the three blank cards to have a blue back and ask the spectator to name the colour of the Ace of Spades? If they say blue, wrong, for it now has a RED back, completely different from the others. 


For the finale, you turn all the cards face down and tell the spectator to touch ANY card that is not an Ace. They touch one of the blue backed cards and you tell them that they have lost, because when you turn the cards over, they are now all ACES! 


  • Reset takes ONE second;
  • Great for walk around;
  • Easy to do;
  • Multiple phases;
  • Made with USPCC card;
  • Written instructions with 30 colour photos & online video;
  • TWO different handlings taught.




Perhaps one of the BEST storytelling packet tricks EVER made!


Spin a yarn as follows...


Imagine one night you find yourself in a casino short of a few bob for your ride home. You ask a random guy at the bar if he wants to play a game of Poker, winner takes all?


The guy accepts, shuffles the cards and deals five cards each. You notice that he only has FOUR cards, so you tell him that he needs FIVE. He produces a Five of Hearts. You explain that he needs FIVE cards and when you query how many cards he's got left, he counts FOUR.


You again state that he needs FIVE, and this time, he produces the Five of Clubs. You ask him to count how many cards he has in his hand and he still has FOUR, along with the TWO on the table, which makes SIX cards!


You tell him gently that this is a game of Poker and you only get FIVE cards, not THREE, FOUR or SIX! he flicks the cards in his hand and is now holding THREE cards, plus the TWO on the table, so FIVE in total...phew, at last!


You check your cards and have Two Tens and Three Aces! You know that you have the winning hand. You tell the guy of your hand, to which he responds that he's won. Rather confused, you tell him that his counting skills are dreadful, his knowledge of Poker is terrible and you are not sure if he even knows how to spell Poker?!


With that said, and a flick of the wrist, the guy spells out the letters P.O.K.E.R. with the cards. You cough up the money and leave with your tail between your legs.


If you like storytelling effects, YOU will love this one.


Easy to Do 

- Custom USPCC cards

- Online and Written instructions PLUS 22 Colour Photos

Fun Packet Trick

- Only ONE sleight required, the Elmsley Count. 




    If you like Monte type effects, then you will love this version with a KICKER ending that will BLOW your spectator's MIND!



    You show three cards, two of them have pennies and one has a gold coin printed on it. You tell them to keep track of the gold coin. You mix the cards and ask them where the gold coin is, but they keep getting the penny. 


    You then show them that the gold coin is actually on the top, then the middle and finally on the bottom. The spectator, slightly confused, states that they just saw THREE gold coins and THREE pennies, so thinks that you are cheating. You then fairly show three cards and eliminate one of the penny card's to the table, which should make it easier to follow the gold coin. 


    You tell the spectator that they have a 50/50 chance to find the gold coin, as you mix the penny and gold coin cards. You then ask them to point to the gold coin, however, when both of the cards are turned over they are actually BLANK!


    When the card on the table is turned over, it has the GOLD coin and BOTH of the pennies on it.


    You can then display all three cards, two are now BLANK and one has ALL the coins. 


    • Made with USPCC cards; 
    • Several additional kickers at the end;
    • Full instructions and online tutorial

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