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Maths, Magic &
Art Workshop

Register NOW and pay £10 on the day

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Arvinder (Vinny) Sagoo,
Founder & CEO at Neo Magic

Vinny is a Qualified Solicitor and after 16 years in the legal game, decided in 2018 to start his own company focusing on promoting maths with magic. Vinny is now the author of an International Bestseller 'Mind The Maths Magic', which helps children explore creativity through the magic of numbers. 


Ranjit Sagoo,
Founder & CEO at Brain Art

Ranjit is a Qualified Teacher and Brain Art is all about using Art to support your child's learning in Maths, English and Science through a variety of mediums.

In this workshop we will cover

Learning Alphabets

Register NOW and pay only £10 on the day of the Event!

Thank you - see you soon!

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