Every choice has a predetermined outcome.




You show a prediction safely contained within an envelope, as you fan 10 playing cards.


The spectator names any number from 1 – 10, which you deal to.


For instance, say they name 7.


The 7th card is placed to one side as you ask the spectator if they would be impressed if your number was in the envelope? They say yes and when you open the envelope, there is a card with the words ‘Your Number’, a poor gag at best.


You then turn the prediction over and it is the 3 of Spades. When the 7th card dealt is turned over, it too is the 3 of Spades, matching exactly!


The spectator, a little sceptical, thinks that all of the cards are the same.


Well, they are partly correct, but when the cards are turned over, they are actually all BLANK!


This is a great little packet trick that works just as well in person, as it does online!


  • Everything is Examinable;
  • Easy To Do;
  • Practically Self-Working;
  • No Additional Gimmicks;
  • No Sticky Stuff;
  • Instant reset;
  • No Sleight of Hand;
  • 24 Colour Photos.


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1 in 10

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