A Lovely Trick with a Cheesy Ending!


You introduce a small packet of blank face cards, laying three down on the table. Your spectator is allowed to mix the three face down cards, should they desire, well they are completely blank anyway, so it makes no difference.


You then introduce the world’s SMELLIEST cheesy and ask the spectator to lay it on top of one of the cards. You explain that the cheese is so irresistible to mice that they will come from all over the world just to at it.


With that in mind, you turn over the selected cards and a mouse has now APPEARED on it!


However, when one mouse smells the cheese, the rest will follow and when you turn over the other two face down cards, they too have pictures of MICE!


  • Super Easy to do;
  • Fun Routine;
  • Instant Reset:
  • Imitation Cheese Included;
  • USPCC Printed Cards.


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  • Small Parts/Choking Warning

    This trick contains small or sharp parts, that are not suitable for children under 6 years old or any individuals who have a tendency to place objects in their mouth.

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