Take a Gamble with this awesome packet trick!



You show 4 double back cards and explain that you will change them one by one into different cards. First of all you change one of the cards into a 10, then a Jack, which makes a PERFECT Blackjack hand. 


You then magically switch out the Blackjack hand for a couple of Court cards, thus leaving you with two double back cards. 


Finally, you turn one of the double back cards into another Court card and then SPLIT the last card in two, producing a Royal Flush.


- Everything can be examined; 

- No sticky stuff;

- No gimmicks;

- No extra cards. 


You will need to know the Elmsley Count, which is taught on the explanation video. 


This is an instant download, so you will be sent the download link and code via a PDF straight away and also by email. 


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