Is it possible to love and hate a magic trick at the same time? YES, with the super easy Love and Hate Deck!


You show a full deck of shuffled cards and on the back you have different things that you hate, like EMAIL SPAM, TAILGATERS, BLISTERS, SPIDERS, RUDE PEOPLE... you get the picture.


You deal down the cards and the spectator STOPS you at a random card. You then deal the cards face up and face down, so that you have a random card and random thing that you hate, like Spiders and the 5 of Clubs.


You then show a small packet of cards, dealing one at a time to spell the word THREATEN! This does not match the prediction and you seem a little puzzled.


You then mix the cards and deal them out again, this time in two rows. It now magically spells the words HATE RENT, laughing that everyone hates paying rent. When the 5 of Clubs is turned over, it say’s HATE RENT, matching your prediction.


You then state that you hate this trick and feel that the cards are mocking you.


You place the first two cards down and it spells H A, see I told you! You feel a little pressured by the whole ordeal and say that the ‘heat’ is on. When you deal the next two cards, it spells H E A T, wow! You are now a little excited and state that your ‘heart’ is pounding. When you deal the next card it spells H E A R T, incredible!


The last three cards are deal quickly, finally spelling the words ‘Ten Hearts’.


You then turn over the Spiders card and it is indeed the TEN OF HEARTS, a perfect match!


  • FULLY Examinable;
  • EASY To Do;
  • NO Sleights;
  • Easy RESET;
  • NO Extra Cards or Gimmicks;
  • NO Rough & Smooth;
  • NO Sticky Stuff;
  • FULL Instructions Provided.




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