A great twist on an old classic... but this time you DON'T even need a pack of cards!


A spectator is asked to think of any card in a deck and then proceed with a few easy calculations. The magician gets the card wrong a couple of times, brings out the Magicians Insurance Card and tells a few silly gags, before naming the spectators thought of card!


  • Easy to do
  • Fully Examinable
  • Full routine included
  • Made from quality PVC card
  • No playing cards required
  • Packs small, plays BIG


BONUS - If you want to do the old fashined way, just force any card and then use the Magicians Insurance Card for the gags and reveal. 




"You can carry this around with you in your wallet and perform it at any time which is a nice idea. The card is plastic and a very high quality. If you like math magic then this might be your cup of tea."


- Paul Romhany (Vanish Magazine) -


"Now you can carry this classic of magic in your wallet anywhere you go. This is propless mentalism that is both humorous and magical."


- Magic Orthodoxy -


"I could see this also being used for a larger audience as long as the assisting spectator reads the jokes on the card aloud. " 


- Mike Rose - (Linking Ring Magazine)