A great mentalism effect that will take you back to your childhood using Toy Soldiers




A handful of plastic toy soldiers proceed to battle it out until only ONE is left.


You show a prediction in an envelope that bears the name of a soldier, ERIC, which you state is that particular soldier's name.


You get a groan as it could have been any of the soldiers, until you turn the prediction over and it has a picture of that EXACT soldier.


For the finale, you reiterate that the elimination process was completely fair and that Eric is the only one that survived. To prove this, you turn Eric over and on his plaque it states ALIVE, when the other soldiers are turned over they all state DEAD.


  • Everything is Examinable;
  • Easy To Do;
  • Self-Working;
  • No Additional Gimmicks;
  • No Sleight of Hand.


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