Can you PREDICT luck? You can, if luck is on your SIDE!

Two spectators experience the feeling of real luck with this hands off mental miracle!



You introduce a deck of cards that is normal on the face, but the backs are a mixture of RED and BLACK. Each spectator selects a colour and then shuffles the deck, taking about half each.

One of the spectator's is given a LUCKY CARD and so the game begins.

They deal the cards face up and if two cards of their chosen colour come up, they keep it, otherwise the cards are discarded. When the cards are counted, the spectator who has the Lucky Card has more and wins!


Luck or Coincidence?

The process is carried out once more, but this time the backs are used and the other spectator is given the Lucky Card. Again, the spectator who has the Lucky Card WINS!

For the final round, neither of the spectators is given the Lucky Card. When the cards are all dealt again, it is a draw.


Could you have predicted this???

Well, when the LUCKY CARD is turned over it states DRAW!

- Fully Examinable
- Completely hands off
- Self Working
- Nothing to add or take away
- Super Easy
- USPCC cards
- No Sleights or Moves

Comes with full written and online video instructions.


This is GUARANTEED to fool magicians and laymen alike.