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If you like Boris the Spider, then you will love this!

This is a slightly milder version with a COCKROACH, which does not appear on the back of the hand, but a playing card that the spectator has been HOLDING.

Four cards are shown face down.

The top card is turned over and it has a drawing of a cockroach, which you put on the table. You click your fingers and the cockroach card has SCUTTLED back to your packet, and on the table is a BLANK card with the cockroach's footprints.

You table the cockroach card again, and in an INSTANT, the cockroach card has scuttled back to your packet, leaving another blank card in its place.

Finally, you SANDWICH the cockroach card between the other two cards and ask the spectator to hold the last card face down. You click your fingers and display three blank cards with footprints and when the spectator turns over the card they are holding, they are shocked to see a BIG real-life cockroach!


  • Easy to do;
  • Comes with an imitation cockroach;
  • Made with high quality USPCC cards;
  • Fun effect;
  • Scare included!