This booklet features some of Vinny's all time FAVOURITES, which he uses to lecture around the globe. It includes a mixture of mentalism, magic, close-up, parlour, stage and best of all, everything is SUPER easy! Brand NEW methods never taught before and creative thinking that will make you feel like that you're on the TOP of your game!


This 40 PAGE booklet is crammed with useful information, including 3 short essays on Creating Magic, Selling and also controlling your Ego. With over 5,000 words, 82 colour photos and printed on the HIGHEST quality pulp available, why would you not want this in your magic collection?!





Four different cards are selected and assigned a new value. These new cards help find your prediction, and for the finale… well the whole deck is now blank! PLUS, you can examine everything… WTF?!



Several spectators shuffle a group of cards, which have a random four digit number on the back. The digits are all called out and added, which match your prediction. At the end, you name all of the cards!



A card is selected and then lost in the pack. The spectator eliminates small packets until the selection is found. No magician’s choice in sight.



I promise you that this super easy grease and H2O routine will not put you to sleep… zzZ



Cards from 1 to 10 are shown. The spectator mentally selects any number/card. A prediction is made and when the cards are laid out, the selection is missing, oh and it’s turned blank!



How can you engineer your brain to fire on the right cylinders and create awesome magic?!



So you’ve created an effect, how do you get it to market, and what are the options?