A SMASH hit at the Portsmouth Day of Magic!


Tipple is a super easy and fully examinable mental miracle!



You show 7 different cards with various drinks ranging from Vodka to White Wine. The spectator MENTALLY selects a drink of their choice, SHUFFLES the cards and places them face down on the table. You have NO idea what drink they are thinking of.


You then introduce a small bottle cap and ask the spectator to mentally spell out the letters of their drink, whilst you randomly move the bottle cap across several cards.


When they get to the last letter, they call out STOP.


You then state that it would be impossible if 'Your Drink', was actually under the bottle cap, to which they agree.


You turn over the bottle cap and it has the words, YOUR DRINK printed under the cap (sigh).


You then ask what drink they were MENTALLY thinking of and when the actual card is turned over, it is their DRINK!


  • Super easy to do;
  • No reset;
  • No moves;
  • Self-working;
  • Fully examinable;
  • Learn in a matter of minutes!




"Tipple is the perfect packet trick for bar magic. Vinny always creates fun tricks that you can easily carry with you" 

-Magic Orthodoxy


"It’s a quick little effect and could even be used as a bar bet type routine if your presentation is style around that." 

-Paul Romhany (Vanish Magazine)


"The method is straightforward, pleasingly contrived and, I would suggest, pretty fooling." 

-Mark Leveridge (MagicSeen Magazine)