Word Up is a completely UNIQUE effect, whereby the spectator mentally selects a word from a word search that is printed on a plastic card.


The word that they are merely thinking of, then VANISHES and appears on the BACK of the card.


At this point, you can freely HAND OUT the card for examination and show the alternative words.


  • Instant reset;
  • Examinable;
  • Easy to do;
  • Keep in your wallet;
  • Made with quality plastic PVC cards




"A beautiful piece of mentalism with a touch of magic. Very clever indeed." 

- Peter Eggink -

"Word up is a pocket-sized miracle that you can take with you anywhere you go. Fans of mentalism will love this little opener." 

- Magic Orthodoxy -


"It’s a great little effect that will really leave the spectator scratching their head. I like the way it has combined three elements of mind-reading, vanish of a word and the production of the word printed on the back of the card. " 

- Paul Romhany, Vanish Magazine -


"It's a brilliant word effect." 

- James Anthony, Magic World -


"This is a close-up trick, one that requires decent lighting and a spectator who can read smallish print, but it’s off the beaten path and the method for forcing the spectator to select a particular word is clever." 

- David Regal, Genii Magazine -


"Word Up is a nice little pocket trick for strolling. It’s pretty unconventional so it’s a good thing to use to breakup the usual card, coin, and sponge ball routines. The reveal is visual, and the magic original, and the reactions walk the gamut between stunned silence and rapturous applause. Overall a great original effect!" 

- William Draven -


"The effect is great. You can make this one of your go-to effects for your impromptu stuff when people ask you to do a trick." 

- Adeline Ng, NingThing.com -