The fairness of this trick is beyond belief!


The spectator calls all the shots, yet every choice is met with pure precision.


Two packets of four cards are SHUFFLED by the spectator and then mixed together, forming a packet of eight cards. The spectator selects four cards for himself and four cards for YOU! This is a completely FREE and FAIR choice. 


When the spectator's cards are turned over, they spell the word STAR. When your cards are turned over, they are ALL the star symbol! 


Amazing, but the trick does NOT finish here!


The spectator's cards are then rearranged to form a new word and in an INSTANT, your cards MATCH the newly formed word!


A few things to note:


  • TOTALLY self working;
  • Everything can be EXAMINED;
  • The spectator makes all the CHOICES;
  • Made with genuine USPCC cards;
  • Easy to do WITHOUT any 'real' sleight of hand;
  • Full ONLINE and WRITTEN instructions with 35 COLOUR photos;
  • Two DIFFERENT handlings;
  • If you love packet tricks, you will LOVE this!


This trick will undoubtedly make you a ZENSATION!




“A great fun little packet trick… with printed cards on bicycle stock, a 10 minute video instruction, plus the written instructions, I definitely think it’s worth your money!”


- Magic Orthodoxy - 


A Magic Review...Zensation by Vinny Sagoo at Neo Magic


I've had this effect now for a good few days and really wanted to play around with it before offering up a review. It's a packet trick of just eight cards. It's simple in method, direct and it's one where every choice is made by the spectator. 
In it's simplicity lies a kicked at the end that surprises the spectator.


Does it do what the add copy says it does?
Yes. It's that simple. The add copy is direct and precise with no misleading words or statements.


Does it perform well?
I can honestly say, this is a fantastic trick to carry in your wallet, a simple but powerful effect that can be used as a "final trick" at a party, or with friends.


Is it a Worker?
You'll need a table to perform this effect, but that's no big deal. Either at the bar entertaining or at a table, this effect is a nice little way to transition from one effect to another with this seperating the two. And with further routines being added, i think it has mileage.


All in all, Zensation isn't the effect that you will want to end your show on, But it's a great way to start your rotuine / set. It's fun, it doesn;t take itself too seriously, yet to laypeople it's unexplicable and that is what makes it a strong little effect.

Recommended! 4 out of 5 Stars.


- Mark Samuel Evans -