CHase the ACE, the world's oldest gambling routine with several twists and turns!


You show four blue backed cards, which are all blank on the face, except for the Ace of Spades. This is the card that you need to follow to play 'CHACE'.


You bury the Ace of Spades within the packet of cards and with a click of your fingers, you make it completely disappear, only for it to reappear with another magical click. You show the three blank cards to have a blue back and ask the spectator to name the colour of the Ace of Spades? If they say blue, wrong, for it now has a RED back, completely different from the others. 


For the finale, you turn all the cards face down and tell the spectator to touch ANY card that is not an Ace. They touch one of the blue backed cards and you tell them that they have lost, because when you turn the cards over, they are now all ACES! 


  • Reset takes ONE second;
  • Great for walk around;
  • Easy to do;
  • Multiple phases;
  • Made with USPCC card;
  • Written instructions with 30 colour photos & online video;
  • TWO different handlings taught.


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