Take the spectators mind on an imaginary journey, that will BLOW their brain cells!


You show a deck of cards that is BLANK on both sides, cutting and shuffling as you go.


You ask the spectator to imagine ANY card in the deck. You hand the deck to them and ask them to deal down to the value and suit, putting the deck back on top so you don't have a clue.


You then take out 3 cards to represent the Colour, Value and Suit of the imaginary card.


The spectator is looking at you rather bizarrely as you have just shown 3 double blank cards claiming that they represent the Colour, Value and Suit.


You ask the spectator what card they are mentally thinking of?


Let’s imagine that they say the 5 of Hearts.


Holding the packet of 3 cards, and in an instant, their thought of 5 of Hearts magically APPEARS in the middle of the packet.


You then turn their selection over, which instantly turns BLANK and is returned to the pack for another day!


This is one of my FAVOURITE effects to perform walk around as there are so many magical moments involved.


  • It can be ANY Card;
  • NO Rough and Smooth;
  • NO Sticky Stuff;
  • NO complicated sleights;
  • EASY To Do;
  • NO Extra Cards to Add or Take Away.




  • This document personal to the recipient and should not be copied, distributed or reproduced in whole or in part, nor passed to any third party.

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