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Hey Awesome Magic Person!


Are you looking for some really unique magic tricks that are Easy to do Simple to understand and incredibly Powerful? Well, you've found the right place as here at Neo Magic based in Leicester UK, we have our own special brand of magic created exclusively by Vinny Sagoo who has been a magician for over 30 years!


If you like card tricks, mentalism, magic books, downloads or just want to browse our fantastic blogs, this is the place for you. Also, all of our magic tricks come with FREE delivery anywhere in the world, no matter how small your order. 

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If you didn't already know, we have a mo
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Our Favourites

These are some of our favourites here at Neo Magic HQ

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If you love CHase the ACE type routines, then you will love CHACE, which has several twists and turns.

Colourful Kings Easy Magic Trick Vinny S

A three phase packet trick that will fool the most knowledgeable of Magicians. 10/10!

Mystify by Vinny Sagoo Best Book

Mystify has been described as the BEST book test in the world by many mentalists. 

Attraction by Vinny Sagoo Wild Card Magi

A crazy wild card magic trick using a very special magnet card to distort reality and your mind!

A mentalism effect using a handful of toy soldiers producing a number of startling predictions. 

word up by vinny sagoo.jpg

Word Up is a completely unique effect that combines Magic and Mentalism together to fit snuggly in you wallet.

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