Whether you choose to tell the truth, or lie, the cards will reveal all!

You play the role of a detective, who is investigating a murder at a Grand Manor.

You show eight cards with two potential culprits, two ways to kill the victim and four different rooms. The spectator MENTALLY selects one card with the culprit, method and room.

After three truthful answers, the spectator is allowed to LIE, or tell the TRUTH.

No matter what they say, the cards reveal the murderer, the method and place that the spectator is THINKING of!

A great little packet trick that involves a Cludo type plot.


  • Easy to do;
  • Self-working;
  • Guaranteed laughter;
  • Made with USPCC cards;
  • Fully examinable




A quick review of a effect by Vinny Sagoo at Neo Magic



As with most of Vinny's effects, they are small in size, easy to perform, and yet pack a punch way above it's size.

Deception is no different here! Loosly based on a kind of Cluedo plot, the effect utilises eight quality printed cards (poker sized) and a mathematical principal that really brings this effect to life.


The instructions are well thought out, and the effect itself plays easilly and is almost instantly reset, which is a must for a working effect. And this IS a working effect!


For the price, i think this is a steal!


- Mark Samuel Evans -






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