TRUTH or LIE, the cards will reveal all!

You play the role of a Detective, who is investigating a murder at the Grand Manor.

You show eight cards with two potential culprits, two murder weapons and four different rooms. The spectator MENTALLY selects one card with a Culprit, Weapon and Room.

After the initial interrogations, the spectator is now allowed to LIE or tell the TRUTH.

No matter what they say, the cards reveal the person who committed the Murder, what Weapon was used and in what Room.


At the end, you turn over the final card and it is the ONE that the spectator is mentally thinking of!

A great murder mystery type effect that will leave your audience completely puzzled!


  • Easy to do;
  • Self-working;
  • No Sleights;
  • USPCC cards;
  • Fully Examinable.




"I'm a big fan of this theme and have performed full shows based around it. For me personally this would make a great addition to my own Murder By Magic show as a walk-around routine or if I am going to a meeting to sell the show concept" 

- Paul Romhany (Vanish Magazine) -


"Deception is a very simple effect. From beginning to end, spectator can easily follow every step of the routine. It’s a good way to get them involved" 

- Chinese Magic Reviews -


“As with most of Vinny's effects, they are small in size, easy to perform, and yet pack a punch way above its size.

Deception is no different here! Loosely based on a kind of Cluedo plot, the effect utilizes eight quality printed cards (poker sized) and a mathematical principle that really brings this effect to life.


The instructions are well thought out, and the effect itself plays easily and is almost instantly reset, which is a must for a working effect.


And this IS a working effect!


For the price, I think this is a steal!”


- Mark Samuel Evans -


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