A True Test of ESP


In 1930, Dr Rhine established the first Parapsychology Lab for E.S.P. testing at Duke University.


Almost a century on, and by accident, you may have stumbled across his original I.D. card from Duke University, along with the E.S.P. testing cards.


With that in mind, you prepare for an experiment of mental transference.


You withdraw five E.S.P. cards and Dr Rhine’s I.D. card from an aged envelope. You lay the I.D. card down and ask the spectator to mix the five E.S.P. cards behind their back and then remove three cards face down.


There three cards are then discarded, which leaves the spectator with only two.


You tell them that the next choice is an important one, so they bring one card forward and discard the other. They turn this card over and it is the STAR symbol. You point to the I.D. card and state that Dr Rhine may have sent subliminal messages from beyond the grave.


The spectator is a little dubious, however, when the I.D. card is turned over, it has a drawing of a STAR!


If that’s not spooky enough, Dr Rhine’s favourite phrase was “It was always written in the Stars”, and when the discarded cards are turned over, they spell the word STAR!


  • Everything can be Examined;
  • Easy to do;
  • Full Routine Included;
  • Alternative Handlings Provided;
  • USPCC cards, Envelope and I.D. Card all Included.




"I watched a performance of this on the Neomagic website &  although I knew how it worked (due to being a very experienced working magician) I knew I had to have it. It’s a super 2 phased very workable routine that can be done either at a table or walk around in the hands.


The reason set is instant & the effect doesn’t go on for ages. The instructions are clear, the props are great, it takes up very little pocket space & it goes in a refreshing new direction as far as ESP effects go. Also the participants can google Dr Rhine & Duke University after the effect. Check Neomagic website for a performance as I don’t want to spoil it for you It’s a worker Vinny & I will work it a lot


Thank you for a 5 star effect" 


- Mike Donoghue (Working Professional) -


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