Slick is our non-greasy Oil and Water routine, that is SUPER EASY and has 3 distinct phases. Taken from Sky's The Limit booklet, which is on sale HERE!


Phase 1:- 'The Mega Mix', watch all the cards being mixed up face up and face down, yet the oil (black) cards always manage to separate from the rest.


Phase 2:- 'In Your Face', watch the colours separate face up right in front of your eyes!


Phase 3:- 'Dealing', the cards are dealt in several different ways, yet manage to seperate with relative ease!


- Very easy to do;

- No sleight of hand;

- Self-working;

- No extra cards;

- No gimmicks;

- Use any 8 red/black spot cards.


This is an instant download, so you will be sent the download link and code via a PDF straight away and also by email. 


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