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Vinny Sagoo from Neo Magic lecture online with packet tricks, beyond limits and mystify

When I was 8 years old, I was asked what I would like to be when I grow up?


I paused for a moment and replied, either a Magician or an Inventor, but I was not sure.


The reply I received was simple, be both.


For the next 30 years, I did what most people do and attend university, get a job and begin the penguin march. Towards the end of 2017, I was involved in a big car accident, which made me rethink my direction in life.


I jumped back to an 8 year old version of myself and asked again, what do I want to be when I grow up? I still loved magic and inventing, so in 2018 I elected to start up my own company called Neo Magic and begin lecturing around the world.


Within a year, I created over a dozen effects that have featured in all of the top magic magazines, on TV and I have had the pleasure of lecturing at some of the most prestigious and oldest Magic Clubs in the UK.


My philosophy has always been to create easy, simple and powerful magic that anyone can do. I am fortunate enough that my effects are now being used by magicians all over the world, which spurs me to create even more unique effects.


As Rob Siltanen once said, people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. I hope to do the same with magic one day.

- Vinny Sagoo-

Sky’s The Limit Lecture

Sky's The Limit - Vinny Sagoo that got 85% in Magic Seen Magazine.

Elegantly weaving magic and mentalism together, Vinny’s lecture comprises of five effects suitable for stage, parlour and close-up, ensuring that there is something for everyone.


Four different cards are selected and assigned a new value. These new cards help find your prediction, and for the finale… well the whole deck is now blank! PLUS, you can examine everything!


Several spectators shuffle a group of cards, which have a random four digit number on the back. The digits are all called out and added, which match your prediction. At the end, you name all of the playing cards!


A card is selected and then lost in the pack. The spectator eliminates small packets until the selection is found. No magician’s choice in sight.


I promise you that this super easy grease and H2O routine will not put you to sleep… zzZ


Cards from 1 to 10 are shown. The spectator mentally selects any number/card. A prediction is made and when the cards are laid out, the selection is missing, oh and it’s turned blank!

So if you like easy, simple and powerful magic without knuckle-busting moves or sleights, then hold on to your seat, because Sky’s The Limit!

Beyond Limits Lecture

Leeds Magic Circle Lecture presented by Vinny Sagoo of Neo Magic. Beyond Limits.

Beyond Limits is the second lecture from the fertile mind of Vinny Sagoo and showcases some of the BEST Magic and Mentalism in the galaxy!



Love it or Hate it, you will really enjoy performing this unusual effect! A wrong prediction magically transforms to match the spectators choice, not once, but twice! 



A freely selected card is lost and then apparently found, but it is not the selection, boo! This wrong card is then sandwiched between two cards and in an instant, transforms into the selection.



Two random cards are selected and then found using the latest mind reading device... a small LED light bulb. This effect will fire up that grey matter for sure, plus everything is examinable before and after.



Two decks, two spectators, a million outcomes! Well, actually only four for this effect, but they all match despite the apparent fairness, plus one of the predictions has been visible throughout.



This effect will literally stretch your spectator’s imagination. A deck is shown to be blank on both sides and they think of ANY card. You remove three blank cards to represent the value, suit and colour. In an instant, their imagined card appears between the blank cards, before vanishing again into oblivion.


Beyond Limits includes tricks with Blank Decks, Normal Decks, Anagrams and even an LED Light Bulb... PLUS everything is super easy to do without any complicated moves or sleights. 


Neo Magic stand at the Blackpool Magic Convention, which is the biggest magic convention in the world. On display packet tricks, mind reading and books.

This is a totally FREE Dealer Demonstration of some great effects by Vinny Sagoo for your club or society and there will be a SUPER deal too at the end with FREE shipping worldwide! 


British Magic Society - Vinny Sagoo lecture showing bicycle playing cards with images and numbers.

On Monday 18th March 2019, Vinny Sagoo gave his Sky’s the Limit Lecture to members of the Leicester Magic Circle. Vinny has a great personality and members found this lecture most interesting and informative.

The tricks were explained in an easy manner and the lecture notes are extremely easy to follow. The tricks were of excellent quality and Vinny gave a number of deals to all members. We are looking forward to his next Lecture and are very lucky to have him as a member.

Barry J Martin Leicester Magic Circle (Secretary)

“A great performer and quality props and ideas. Any society that is considering booking a fun night with workable material then this is the man you need to book”

“Excellent delivery and well paced with plenty of time given to explanations and Q & A”

“What a really nice, friendly guy and very good at explaining everything in his lecture”

“I would like to say what a pleasure is was to see Vinny perform. His enthusiasm, character, performance I cannot fault well done Vinny and thank you for a great evening”

“Excellent lecture the timings also correct and extremely good quality and value magic tricks”

“Vinny’s lecture was very easy to follow and simplicity at its best and some very good products. Well Done”

“Great evening full of excellent material”

“It’s nice to see some fresh, usable material. He’s a nice guy too”

“Really liked the effects, especially digits. Presentation was full of enthusiasm and I found the ability to come up with the methods really impressive. Very enjoyable and interesting. Thanks Vinny”

“Great lecture, full of workable material”

“Very enjoyable thanks Vinny. Looking forward to trying these effects out”

Vinny Sagoo as a cartoon
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