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Blackpool Magic Convention

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

5 Super Tips to make sure that you get the most out of the Blackpool Magic Convention and don't go home with the dreaded lurgy... achooo!

So you have decided to come to the BIGGEST magic convention in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

Well done you!

In the bleak month of February, around 4,000 of the most awesome magicians (just like you), attend the Winter Gardens to learn, jam, buy awesome magic and throw cards around like it's 1999!

This quick blog post is not meant to cover every nook and cranny of the convention, but just help identify five of the main attractions (in my view), so that you can be prepared for the carnage that awaits, if you've never been before.

ALSO we are located in the MAIN dealers hall, so pop on over with a chance to WIN this Mystery Box and also other freebies!

Now on with the tips...

Tip 1 - Dealers

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest attractions to Blackpool is the sheer number of dealers from all over the world, well over 120! If you're looking for a certain trick, gimmick or accessory, now is the time to stock up. Many people often think that dealers will do the best offers on the last day, however, don't be disappointed if some of the tricks on your list have gone due to their popularity.

Most dealers will do great deals from the outset, as they need to recoup the costs of the stall, travel and stock. Remember, be POLITE and don't haggle if you are already getting a great deal... after all, you wouldn't barter over the price of a Big Mac in McDonald's... or would you?

Also, make sure you visit all the dealer halls, the main hall, the Spanish hall and also the top, where you'll find some unique independent dealers that could be carrying that trick you've always dreamed of! Also, if you download the Blackpool Magic Convention App, it will tell you everything about the lectures, dealers and layout.

Tip 2 - Accommodation

Blackpool is bed and breakfast central and there are something like a million different places to stay. For around £30 a night, you can find average digs near Winter Gardens, where all the action takes place. This should include breakfast, but parking is not normally included. If you want to pay a little more, there are several bigger hotels within a 15 minute walk to Winter Gardens, however, as the convention takes place in February, the weather can be temperamental at times.

Tip 3 - Lectures

PLAN your day, what lectures you want to see, when you're going to have lunch/dinner and chill out time, with a visit to the dealers of course. 3 days of magic is crazy for anyone, especially magicians, so don't wear yourself out. If you are going to the evening Gala shows, make sure you arrive promptly, as there will be queues and a mad scramble to find your seat as your evening unfolds.

Tip 4 - Ruskin

So historically, this is where the after party happens and it is about a 10 minute walk from the Winter Gardens. You will find that a number of the 'big wigs' and acts will be accommodated here, so it is a good place to visit if you want to meet someone in particular.

I personally find it difficult to navigate due to the sheer volume of people and it can be awkward trying to get a drink. If you are keen on jamming and meeting new magicians, then you may just wish to get a few magicians together and jam at your own B&B.

Tip 5 - Food

Within close proximity of Winter Gardens there are a number of restaurants, some of which are chains like Pizza Express, Bella Italia and Sub Way. If you venture a little further into the town, you will find a mixed range of restaurants that serve Indian food, Chinese and other fast food outlets.

As a word of warning, if you fancy Pizza Express or Bella Italia, which are directly opposite the Winter Gardens, then I would highly recommend that you book a table either first thing in the morning for your evening meal, or the day before. It will be super busy and you might be waiting ages before you are seated and miss the Gala show if you've purchased these tickets.

During the day, the high street has many more options to grab a quick bite like Boots, Gregg's and and 99p Sandwich shop.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog and please pop over and say hi to Shina and I, who will be on the stall all weekend demonstrating some of our Easy, Simple and Powerful tricks. Have a great convention and for those who are not going, hopefully we'll see you at another event soon!


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Thank you for all your support and kind comments so far, you guys are AWESOME!

Keep it real!


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