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Combat Dry Hands with these non-greasy alternatives!

Some magicians complain of sweaty palms, yet on the other hand (pun intended), some complain of dry hands. Let's find out what works best!

  • Finding it difficult to EXECUTE the hotshot cut?

  • IMPOSSIBLE to palm coins without them falling off?

  • Licking your digits to make them more sticky... YUK!

We all suffer from dry hands from time to time, especially in the colder weather, or in a room where the air conditioning has been turned up to ARCTIC BLAST!

Yeah sure I can work in these conditions... brrrr!

If you suffer from dry hands often, you probably need to give yourself some liquid TLC, and gulp down that lovely stuff that falls from the clouds. After all, we humans are approximately 60% water (fact of the day)!

There are probably a million different lotions, potions and creams out there that contend that they will cure dry hands. The majority probably will, however, some are VERY greasy! It won't be long before your deck of cards turns into a SOLID block of wood, or as you pass a sharpie to someone, it PINGS out of your slippery mits and fly's halfway across the room.

I have used bucket loads of them and they all have a drawbacks, so you won't find the perfect solution. Instead, I have listed my TOP 3 with their positives and negatives. Ultimately, the choice is yours and I must stress that I have no affiliation with any of these products, so it's entirely your preference.

Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener

Positives - This comes in a nice little pocket sized tub so it's portable to carry around and is often the preferred choice for Magicians. It is also used by bank tellers, so that they can count money at rapid speed and provides adequate friction at the fingertips.

Negatives - I find that a 'little' is too little, and too 'much' is too much! It is really difficult to get the right balance with this and if you want to do something like palming or need to lubricate the whole hand, this is not ideal.

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream

Positives - This is some serious stuff and comes in a big(ish) tub, that will last you for ages. If you work outdoors and your hands are always chapped or dry, then this stuff is bang on the money! It will keep your hands well moisturised for ages and is modestly priced.

Negatives - If you use too much, your hands will appear to have a film over them and it will probably ruin your cards over time.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Unscented Hand Cream

Positives - "Just a dab needed", is what they say on the front of the tube. This is amazing stuff and is the overall WINNER! You only need a tiny bit to lubricate the hands and are ready to rock and roll. This is not too greasy and is easily absorbed into the hands, plus it's unscented so you don't smell like you've just walked out of an airport duty free!

Negatives - It can be a little difficult to find and appears expensive for the size of tube, but it will last you ages as a small amount goes a long way!

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Keep it real!


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