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If you are not using stickers to advertise your business, then you are missing out BIG TIME! This quick blog post will give you the essentials to make sure that your business sticks around!

If you are of the view that stickers are for KIDS, TACKY (pun intended), or not worth the EFFORT, think again! These little sticky gems of awesomeness are infinitely more powerful than business cards, or other advertising paraphernalia.

Let me explain my rationale.

As you will all know, I have recently launched this very business and to get noticed, is hard work. Word of mouth and ramming sales promotions down throats is one option, however, as a business owner and performer a more SUBTLE approach is required.

Hi, wanna buy some magic tricks... WHY NOT??!

Around July 2018, I was attending my first convention as Neo Magic. No one was aware of my brand, or me for that matter, which is fine as I only launched a few months earlier. However, I had this BRIGHT IDEA idea to get 500 stickers printed and thought it would be cool to stick these on people as they came by the stall (subject to permission of course).

After a few hours, I began to notice people walking around with my Neo Magic sticker, and some had actually taken it off any put it on the back of their MOBILE PHONE. It became apparent that my sticker was at eye level when making conversation, therefore, naturally people began coming to my stall to find out what I had to offer. This to me was more beneficial than a business card that cost 10X the price and was destined to sit in someones wallet for all of eternity.

The GREATEST moment for me was at the end of the convention.

They had a close-up competition and a spectator was called up to the stage. As he sat down to participate with the performer, the camera zoomed in on his face and chest, what could everyone see? YES, my little Neo Magic sticker was now projected across the whole convention for hundreds of magicians to see! This was brand advertising on a whole new level and if the performance was being recorded for resale, then my little Neo Magic sticker was coming along for a FREE ride! Total cost 3p, potential audience reach of hundreds, thousands.... millions???

After the convention, I had a raft of orders and more followers on my Instagram and Facebook. I have since started my You Tube channel, which will have video blogs shortly, so from a little sticker that cost a couple of pennies, my faith in low-cost advertising has been rekindled.

Time to retire... well maybe not!

If you are still in two minds about stickers, then check out these 3 stats:

1. "Many companies, whose only form of advertising is stickers, have seen an increase in business by as much as 550%" (Guerrilla Marketing)

2. "Whether handed out or mailed, quality stickers have a HIGHER perceived value than other promotional mediums (business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.)" (Duct Tape Marketing)

3. "Businesses, whether big or small, have shifted into the ‘SOFT SELL' mode when it comes to the advertising content of their stickers" (Jennings Print)

Thank you for sticking around for this blog post, which I hope helps elevate your marketing to the next level. If you want to show support for this blog and love to see more interesting topics covered, make sure to subscribe to our mailing list HERE and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and You Tube.

Keep it real!


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