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Stop Comparing, Start Preparing!

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

If you spend hours flicking through social media idolising others and thinking that you'll never be good enough, well here's a simple tip... STOP!

As Theodore Roosevelt once said:

"Comparison is the thief of joy"

It seems rather bizarre that we feed off social media to learn, yet on the other hand, it is eroding the very nature of our existence. Surely life is for living and only through actual human connections can we achieve greatness.

I appreciate that this area is multifaceted, however, I only wish to discuss briefly the impact of social media and our comparison to others. It would be easier to write several thousand pages on this topic, than limit it to a few, but that is perhaps a task for another day...

Why compare?

Rather ironically and apt for this blog, Richard Sander's recently posted on his Instagram account that:

"I screwed up! I judged myself according to how well I ranked compared to other magicians. This always left me feeling "not good enough" or "less than". This is a dangerous thing to do yet it is so easy to do in today's "likes and views" culture. The only way to stay away from this never ending feeling of not good enough is to STOP COMPARING. Find every way possible to look in the mirror and love what you see. Loving and accepting yourself is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Trust me, your uniqueness is your strength. Your job is simple, be the best YOU can be, PERIOD!"

Wise words from a great human - follow him on Insta!

We all feel disappointment at certain stages in our life, which is normal. However, if we keep focusing on "I'm not good enough", "I can't do that", "people will laugh at me", then you will be engulfed in a perpetual CYCLE of 'never being good enough', or having the courage to try.

We all have to start somewhere and I would strongly urge you to try and detach yourself from social media and look at the world through your own eyes, rather than others. Limiting yourself to an hour a day will prevent (to some degree), negative comparisons, but also help focus on your own 'uniqueness'.

After all, there is only ONE person in the world like you who experiences what you do, in your own unique way, every single day.

DON'T allow your thoughts to take over and convince you that you are anything less.

On The Flip Side!

Conversely, if you see someone that is not very good or struggling, don't ridicule them and make them feel worse like "that was total crap, I saw that double lift from a mile away"! Instead, offer praise and positive encouragement, like "that was a great attempt, I really liked the premise, if you managed to get that double lift mastered, I am sure you'll fool everyone".

Remember, if you have the power to make someone feel good, you should make them feel good!

Anyway, as I said the purpose of these short blog posts is to get you thinking in the right direction, without putting you to sleep. In essence, stop comparing your life to that of others and start preparing for the life that you have always dreamed of, GO GET IT!


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Keep it real!


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