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Leaving Souvenirs, Leaving Memories

Do this right and your magic will leave a lasting impression for years to come! Hints and tips to make sure that your souvenir is not destined for the bin!

Don't actually give them the whole deck of cards

The power of a souvenir can be incredible for a spectator, especially if it is personal to them. I can't tell you that amount of times that I have had a spectator come to me years later and produce a tatty signed card from their wallet saying,

"Do you remember back in 1934 when you did that trick for me, look I've still got the card".

(okay, I'm not that old)

So should I hand out a playing card, business card or something else? Let's have a look at the popular choices for magicians and weigh up some of the PROS and CONS.

Playing Cards

Poker sized Bicycle cards are probably the staple choice for most magicians. I personally think that they are perfect as most gaff cards are made using the Bicycle back design. I find that the new influx of playing cards produced every second, move away from simplicity and elegance, to eye-straining difficult designs, which are MORE suited for You Tube cardistry.

Anyway, I digress slightly but if you get a spectator to sign a card, why not slip it into a small plastic wallet like you get for packet tricks at the end? They are fairly inexpensive and if you put a sticker on the back of the plastic wallet, or your business card inside the wallet, it FREE advertising and will last a lot longer.

I also know that some magicians like to perform Anniversary Waltz and then put the signed card in a clear plastic frame, which you can buy from Ikea for £1. This is a great idea, however, the generic colour of the frame looks AWFUL. Take some time and paint it Gold, Silver or Black so that it stands out. Also, remember to put a personalised message on the base with your contact details.

One final point, rather than give the wedding couple the signed card in a frame at the wedding, take it home, place it in the fame (painted and decorated), and then send it to them about 2 weeks later. This will ensure that they have come back from their honeymoon and when they open it, they will be surprised to find such a lovely gift from a thoughtful magician. A little gesture like this can go a LONG way!

Business Cards

I always hear magicians and people say,

"you should always get both sides of your business card printed"!

Errrr, why?

Who cares if someone writes on the back of it or draws a phallus shape object? Whatever the crazy reason someone has for getting both sides printed, FORGET it! We are magicians and we want the back of the card to be blank for predictions, signatures, Out To Lunch and a million other applications.

Actually, if someone doesn't have a business card and they like your magic, get them to put their details on the back of yours and follow up the next day. This pro tip will make sure that you don't lose any leads.

Their are so many great effects that you can incorporate with a business card, like floating, on fire, whirling around your body, torn and restored, that you are doing an injustice if you are not handing them out like confetti. However, PLEASE don't use that horrible free design template on Vista Print on card stock thinner than tracing paper. A simple google search will locate loads of quality printers that will often design the card for free and on thick quality card stock. You don't have to go all out and buy the most expensive, mid-range will do.

you are doing an injustice if you are not handing them out like confetti.

Also, SUPER TIP, make sure you only gloss the face of the card with your contact details, so that the back is normal, which makes it much easier to write on and will bring the price of the card down too.

Something Else

Playing and business cards are handed out the most because they are easy to carry and are used in creating the magic/experience. If you bend coins, then the coin can be signed and handed out. However, if you add a small round sticker to the back of the coin then you have ELEVATED your marketing and created a lasting souvenir that people will question in years to come. Check out my blog post on sticker marketing called "Sticky Business", for an in depth look at how to market yourself with just sticky round orbs.

The only thing that I don't like handing out (or performing), is a souvenir that has been produced from an orifice, like a massive nail pulled from the nostril, folded card in mouth or even removing a card from the zipper compartment in your trousers. It's just not me, and I don't particularly want to be remembered for that kind of 'production'.

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Keep it real!


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